my dad passed at 7:05 AM this morning

August 30th 2014
Daddy I love you and I’m sorry for everything.

Guys, Updates are gonna stop. I’m falling into this deep scary depression. I need time, I don’t know how long.

Thank you to everyone for the kind messages for my dad and prayers. Each of them made me cry. On here and on my personal.

my dad got sicker…

Today’s not so good. While we were getting ready to go visit him, a nurse from the nursing home called and said he was on his way to the Emergency Room. Apparently his oxygen level was low and his CO2 was high again.
So as of right now he is in emergency room trauma. Doctors say he’ll be going back to ICU, not sure when though. Also most likely NOT go back to that nursing home.

I’m so stressed out.
My body has been on a diet of anxiety pills, weed and coffee while he’s been in here. Just so I could be numb and not freak out and cry all the time. :(

My queue might be late guys. I’m sorry.

Update on my dad again.

Today he was transferred to a nursing home.
Its the only place in Rhode Island that offers pulmonary rehab.(…or so the doctor said) But he’ll be home in a week or soon.
I just want my daddy back home.
Its like a 40 hour drive to go see him (yessss I’m over exaggerating) and they have no reception or wifi.
I dont have as much time to get on yet to bring this page back to life. But I’ll try to queue some pictures from my tablet.

Sorry everyone for being inactive
And thank you everyone so much for the messages for my dad and helped me though this.♡

Update on my dad

He’s out of his coma but he’s super confused and drowsy.
Still in medical ICU. :(

I dont know what to do still
But thank you for all the messages for my daddy :’(

indefinite hiatus… update

He had shortness of breath on Tuesday so I called the ambulance and he went to the emergency room. As soon as he got there he was put into trauma er. Then moved to respiratory ICU. He was doing good but with high co2 til Friday night. Doctors checked and his co2 was too high to be readable. His body kept fighting and fighting until the doctor decided it was too much and he needed to be intubated. So now he’s intubated and and regular ICU and it’s going to be really hard, if possible to wean him off the intubation
Now we pray and wait if he will fight and get better or if he will go comfortably….. :(

I really just need some time.