I have a thing for Jihoon’s long hair…

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Rain - Superman

I have a thing for Jihoon’s eye smile…

HAPPY EASTER!~!!!!~!~!!!

I hope everyone had a good day~

But I am on … finally!!!

so I shall queue, post and write!

tell me about your Easter/day/weekend!

sorry I’ve been m.I.a

There’s some family drama I have to deal with.


My bedroom wall.
I like to call it the kpop wall of sex.
I ran out of tape so I can’t completely finish it til tomorrow.

From my personal.

Do you guys want a super dirty not censored smutty smut?

Like all the dirty direct words to body parts and not the word “member”
So like 18+ writing
Yes? No?

I have a thing for Jihoon’s abs.