You sit on the couch as another strong contraction hits. Grabbing your stomach, you let out an agonizing groan. The door swings open and theres jihoon. Panting amd looking around. 
“Im here! “
You burst out into tears when you finally see him, 
“It hurts jihoon! “
He rushes towards you with a sincere smile.
“Baby don’t cry, our daughter is on her way. Come on, lets get you to the hospital.”
He carefully helps you up off the couch, supporting all your weight as he guides you out the house and to his car waiting outside.

Tiny preview from my new dirty smutty smut scenario.

He slammed you against the wall while your legs wrapped tightly around his waist. A whimper escapes your lips from the wall slapping against your back. The sting was more pleasurable than painful, turning you on more.
“Shut up!”
He said in a harsh tone while his face was buried in your neck. Kissing and biting on your warm skin. Your fingers tangled in his hair, tugging lightly.

Italic - You
Bold - Jihoon


"Comfortable much?"  
You giggle as you walk into the room, and find Jihoon laying on the bed watching some variety show.  
"So comfortable, It feels so good to finally be on vacation with you." 
He smiles and pats the bed, wanting you to join him. You shake your head no and go to your purse and pull out your phone. 
"Picture first~" 
You point the camera at him an he instantly puts his thumb up. He loved making memories with you, so he wouldn’t fuss about a picture.  
"Say KIMCHI!" 

Jihoon walked into the bedroom holding a bag of the food he promised you. Waiting for him made you fall asleep on his side of the bed, holding his pillow tightly. He couldn’t help but smile at the view in front of him. He walked over to the bedside table and set down the bag of goodies. He carefully pulled the covers over you, to make sure you were warm enough. He finally laid in bed after a long night of working in the studio. He carefully snuggled up to you, resting his hand on your very pregnant belly and rubbed gently.
He whispered low enough not to wake you.
“Hey princess, don’t be too rough on mommy. Its a lot of work carrying you around, she’s exhausted all the time. Grow healthy and hurry up out of there already, daddy wants to meet you.”
Suddenly he felt a kid against his hand, which caused you to move and snuggle into his side. A huge smile came across his face. Feeling pround to be there at that moment.
“I love the two of you so much”

Anonymous asked:
Noona-I'm so jealous of Kim Ta Hee..😒 What if he realized that she isn't the "one" & he wants a less publicized relationship.. With a non-celeb? How would he kick her to the curb & handle the media?

Troll answer keke~ I’m kinda hyper so I thought I’d make this a bit funny. Please don’t take offense to it.

Me too. I can’t stand her lol.
Oh when he realizes it he’s gone!
He’ll be like “yo you don’t make my pee pee hard I don’t need you no more -finger snap-“
Then he’ll show her a picture of me and be like “I found my boo and she ain’t you! Holla biotch! I’m gone”
And then he’ll come to my house and I’ll make his pee pee hard alllll night long.

Anonymous asked:
So I request slash ff about Rain and idk maybe his BFF Baegka? or someone else :) I don' really care :) Bot no girls please! Thanks in advance!

Sorry this took so long. It was the first time I wrote a slash. I hope you like it. Its just gonna be a little tease. 

Bold is Rain and Italic is Baekga

The older man stood over the younger muscular old who laid on the bed. The sound of the camera snapping pictures was the only thing heard in the room. The younger man laid naked on the bed, posing in front of the camera. The tension in the air was thick.
Tilt your head a little to the left
The older man commanded as the younger obliged. Biting his lip and looking at the camera. 
Suddenly the older man set the camera down, looking hungrily at Jihoon.
Yah Baekga Hyung like what you see?
Jihoon chuckles as he beckoned Baekga with his finger. The older man came closer and crawled over Jihoon. He instantly began kissing his neck. Jihoon wraprd his arms around his hyung, bring his naked body closer to Baekga’s. 
Hyung I’m all yours… Take me.
He whispered in his elders ear. Sending shivers down his spin, adding a low growl in his throat.

Fin ;)


Bi Rain Scenario

Bold is Rain

Italic is you

After the both of you had a long hard day at work, it was finally nice just to lay in bed with Jihoon. Slumped into his chest with one of his arms around you tightly is what you needed after a tiring day at work. In his free hand he held up his new script, reviewing his character for a drama he’d start at the end of the month. Looking up at him you can tell that he’s in his head, stuck in his actors mode.
Not wanting to break his concentration you just start looking though your phone. Scrolling and scrolling. Endless scrolling. Randomly on your news feed a fan fiction pops up. Curiosity killed the cat. It got the best of you and you couldn’t help but click on it. You begin to read a fan fiction about your boyfriend.
As you start the story, you can’t stop. Getting lost in the story and the quietness of the bedroom.
His fans are really something out
You say to yourself in your mind. Unfortunately being so caught up in the story you let out a little giggle without realizing it. The sound of your giggle broke his concentration, he looks down at you to see what was so entertaining. He sees you glued to your phone. He tilts his head to see the phone screen in front of you.
As soon as he reads what your reading he rolls his eyes.
Babe seriously?"
He sounded a bit annoyed. The sound of his voice brought you back to reality. Looking up at him, confused.
Why are you reading fan stories about me?
His cheeks turned a dull shade of pink. He knew his fans could write some dirty things about him, so he was quite embarrassed. The stories he read during his earlier years of his career were precisely the definition of erotica. So he was nervous that you would think differently of these stories. You couldn’t help but smile softly at him.
Your fans are really good writers, Jihoon.
At that moment a wave of proudness washed over him. Leaning in to get a closer look at your phone, but you pull your phone away.
What’s the story about?
Nosey Jihoon has came out to play as he reached for the phone after dropping his script. Playing along, you move away just a bit from him so he can’t reach the phone.
Maybe I’ll just show you my version of what they write about~
A teasing giggle escape from you as you smiled devilishly at him. It was game on as his expression changed to wide eyed excitement. He slowly licks his lips. The both of you knew where this was going and you were more then ready for it.

snownoir asked:
Catches Rain tweak to drunk in love ! Lol

lmao god i love you! lmaooooo

your reaction:


Rain’s twerk:


His face when he’s caught:


Anonymous asked:
Noona- Do you think our Oppa eats pussy willingly? If so, do you think he finishes his "meal"? I'm so naughty..😇

Damn right he does! He loves eating pussy!
Depends on his mood if he finishes or not. Like if its surprise pussy eating, he’ll finish you off without anything in return. But don’t be stingy! You should bop him off after he eats you out. Make him see stars.
But if y’all have sex and he eats your pussy for foreplay he will not let you finish. Right when your about to cum he’ll pull away and then look at you with a wild teasing smirk. Then he’ll give you the D real good. It’ll be way better then getting your clit licked.

Anonymous asked:
Rain is burning with jealousy. You had a big fight and you try to initiate peace and he's playing hard to get. Night time. You just want to make up. How do you convince him there's nobody but him and get him to sweetly surrender?

Sorry this took me a while to write.
Imma write this as a you POV. Cause if I did a my POV I’d make it to be the smutty-est smut ever!!!

I think you would wear something sexy and stand in between him and the TV. There’s no way he wouldnt give into that. A smirk would creep across his face, giving you the ok to come closer. He would wrap his arms tightly around your waist and look at you as you told him that he was your soul mate and you only have eyes for him. He then would kiss you passionately and whisper on your lips that he loved you.

joonloon asked:
How would Rain spend his Valentines day with his girlfriend?

I know I’m late with this one and I’m sorry :(
I see Señor Jihoon taking his girl to an expensive dinner all dressed up. Maybe even get a private room just for the two of them. It was being a night of talking happy over a meal. As for the dessert part, he would present her with a cake he spent all day baking and decorating. Also feed her chocolate covered strawberries and sip on some champagne.
Then when back at home he would give her a long romantic night of hot steamy sex. Driving her crazy, thinking of her needs instead his own. Putting her to sleep after countless hours of sexy time. He would then hold her in his arms until he fell asleep.

Anonymous asked:
How would Rain fuck you? GIF response please.

Read more at your own perverted risk ;) 


Read More

Anonymous asked:
Drabble request!! :D So what if Rain went to America for a fan meeting or concert and fell in love with one of his American fans?

Sorry this took forever to reply to anon.

He would sway her with his sexy English and we all know ahe would swoon over it. He would try and see her as much as he could before he went back to Korea. He would definitely try to keep in touch with her via phone calls, texts and Skype. And if it was going well within a few months he would fly her out to visit him.

drabbles please?

I feel like writing ~